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Fandango Dance

Maroubra, NSW


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Fandango dance school at Maroubra offers an ongoing program of adult dance classes in Ballroom, Latin, Tango and Salsa dances and private bridal dance lessons. We are the only dance school for Ballroom and Latin dance classes in Maroubra and servicing nearby eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Our dance school specialises in adult’s Ballroom and Latin dance classes for social and recreational purposes and our students are normal everyday people who just want to enjoy the music, the exercise and the social aspects of dancing. In every dance lesson, even our advanced dance classes, you’ll find a mix of singles and couples, young and mature aged of all shapes and sizes and you’ll find it a friendly and non-intimidating environment.

We have an ongoing program of dance classes for continuing beginners, intermediate and advanced students for further improvement, skill development and pleasure. You don’t need to come with a partner; both singles and couples are welcome.

Our studio is warm and friendly, we welcome newcomers, our teachers have compassion as well as great skill and experience, our classes are structured to suit real people with real lives and regardless of your skill level, you will find our classes uplifting and rewarding
Above all, every dance class is fun and every dance class is a positive gain and even if you’ll never be a great dancer, you can be a happy dancer!


All of our team are professional dance teachers with a minimum of 10 years teaching experience. We specialise in partnered dance which includes all Ballroom and Latin American styles and may also include Street Latin, Tango and Swing styles.

In addition to the above, some of our teachers have accumulated a diverse repertoire of dance styles over the years, including Hip Hop and Funk styles, Contemporary dance, Belly Dance, Brazilian Samba and Cuban dance styles.

As such we are able to offer a wealth of experience and a considerable smorgasbord of dance styles to suit both the traditional bridal waltz or modern wedding dance plus also cater for those who want to go funky, extreme or even bizarre for their First Dance.

Our team are dedicated professionals who have a lifetime career in the profession as both performers and teachers. As well as teaching adults from absolute beginners level on up, we also have experience in teaching children, handicapped persons and the elderly, so you can be confident our teachers posses those special qualities that make learning something new as rewarding and as enjoyable as possible.

Whatever your dance needs, you are in safe and competent hands with any member of our team who will make your lessons a real pleasure and one of most fun things you'll do as part of your recreational pursuits.


The principal of Fandango Dance, Ms. Tremp has danced since the age of 3, studying formal ballet & theatrical dance in her youth and Dance Sport Int. syllabus in latter years. She has performed, choreographed and taught professionally most of her adult life. She has taught for dance studios in Australia and Europe, schools & colleges in Australia and is a lecturer, teacher and adjudicator for the Dance Council of Australia.

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