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Sally Youdale

Sydney, NSW


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Struggling to achieve the marks you need and deserve? I'm here to help!!

I can help with all levels of University writing in Psychology. This includes undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

I am able to assist with:

- Structuring your paper appropriately (e.g. research report, essay, literature review, systematic review, thesis, etc...)

- Creating a strong argument (e.g. keeping research relevant, phrasing, referencing appropriately etc...)

- Developing and maintaining flow (e.g. linking sentences, paragraph structure, content flow etc...)

- Spelling/Grammar

- APA 6th Edition Referencing style

- PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT able to assist with SPSS or statistics of any kind. I can assist with presentation and phrasing but please do not ask me to assist with interpretation. I can, however, suggest some excellent resources to help you (and which helped me!).

I am dedicated to and thoroughly enjoy helping my students to achieve the marks (and confidence levels) they need and deserve.

I achieved First Class Honours (High Distinction average) in Psychology and am progressing to study a Masters of Clinical Psychology next year.

I am AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES 24/7 for phone and online sessions. Please contact me by mobile (0430 502 092) or email (

My quality of work is high. Therefore, my rate is $95 per hour, negotiable.


I have tutored students from all levels of University for the past 2 years.


I have completed my Undergraduate and Honours degree in Psychology. I achieved First Class Honours (High Distinction average) with many tutors and lecturers commenting on my ability to write. I commenced my Masters in Clinical Psychology this year, in 2019.

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My quality of work is high. My rate is $95 per hour, negotiable.



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