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We’re two university students who want to change how the Higher School Certificate is taught. We developed this goal after being inspired by the innovative styles of some of our own teachers/tutors, and we grew determined to reach this goal once we saw all the opportunities for improvement in how the current HSC was taught at schools. Through our years of experience, we have developed a style of teaching which we would have prefered during our HSC - one which would have made the tough journey as manageable as possible. We hope our students find our reimagined way of teaching memorable and effective for their studies!

How have we reimagined tutoring?

Courses: We finish all content weeks prior to the exam and our content is started in the holidays. This allows for students to spend time before the exam on fully mastering content and practicing exam skills.

Homework: Our homework is given in HSC Exam style, and is marked to ensure that students achieve responses which are as close as possible to perfection. We can also provide additional homework from our large collection of resources.

Support: We understand how tight on time the HSC is, so we offer email and phone support even until late night.

One to One: Our courses are very flexible and we can tailor our courses to address any of the students needs.

Our Teaching Style: Teaching is done thoroughly with no steps skipped. Everything that needs to be derived and explained, is done so.

We offer private tuition services at the students' home and public places around the areas of Hornsby, Epping and Chatswood. Our current rate is $35 per hour.

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Both Calvin and Jeremy have organised seminars and study groups for Economics and Chemistry respectively, at the high-achieving North Sydney Boys to ensure the whole cohort understood the requirements of the HSC course. Both have also begun to tutor a variety of students.


Calvin Kwong graduated from North Sydney Boys High School as a Prefect and achieved a 99.65 ATAR with the Premier's Awards for All-round Excellence. He is currently studying a Bachelors of Economics/ Law at the University of Sydney. Calvin organised a Year 7 Amazing Race for the new cohort to allow them to be mentored by the Prefects through interesting activities and learn about the school. He has coached soccer and mock trial teams. He has developed a passion to guide others in their studies. For hobbies, Calvin enjoys Oz Tag and soccer. He achieved marks of:
91 English Advanced
99 Extension 1 Mathematics
94 Extension 2 Mathematics
94 Chemistry
95 Economics

Jeremy Ye graduated from North Sydney Boys High School as a Prefect and achieved a 99.30 ATAR with the Premier's Awards for All-round Excellence. He is currently studying a Bachelors of Actuarial Studies/ Science at the University of NSW. Jeremy lead several innovative initiatives for the Prefects including organising seminars by the top students delivered to the rest of the grade to ensure improvements for the whole grade, removing the idea of “rank protectionism”. He was awarded the Reuben F Scarf. Award for Commitment as a result. For hobbies, Jeremy enjoys graphic design and running. He achieved marks of:
93 English Advanced
97 Extension 1 Mathematics
92 Extension 2 Mathematics
94 Chemistry
92 Modern History

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