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As a graduate of the 2014 HSC, I am well aware of the stress and challenges that many students are faced with. Whether it be difficulty in learning key concepts to the intensive amount of homework students need to complete, my experience with the HSC allows close guidance while providing the necessary resources to achieve a student's personal best.

My method of teaching has been commended by multiple students and parents who have noticed substantial improvements in their respective child's report. One of the major pieces of feedback I often receive is that I am able to provide student's with alternative explanations for theories as I understand how young minds process information.

I currently offer tutoring for years 1-12 in Mathematics, English and Science for all levels as well as Year 11&12 Physics and Chemistry.

Yr 1-6 = From $11.50/hr (Maths, English, OC classes and Selective test)

Yr 7-10 = From $11.50/hr (Maths, English and Science)

Yr 11-12 = From $15/hr (Maths, English, Physics and Chemistry all levels)

Number of students in class are limited.

Some tutors/tutoring centres may require you to complete an entry test to be admitted. I believe in executing a similar test however I plan to use these results to pinpoint a student's strongest and weakest areas.

If you are a current student in Yr11-12 and are unsure of what course to undertake, I can assist in finding what course is best for you. Additionally if you have any interest in undertaking a course of Pharmacy, feel free to contact me. I work with qualified teachers who are also happy to help.

Please only contact me if you are really keen and think that you are up to the challenge to improve your marks. However, if you don’t have the determination to improve your grades, please do not waste your time or mine

I can be contacted on 0466583054 via call or message. Please do not communicate via Gumtree.

So take the first step and give me a call.


My centre has been operating for over 20 years where we catered for all students in Math, English, Science, Chemistry and Physics

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