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Triple A Tutoring

Sydney, NSW


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Triple A Tutoring offers the most competitive home tutoring service in Sydney providing high quality tuition at incredibly affordable process. Triple A tutoring specialises in English and Maths tutoring for High school students. Our tutors have all achieved the highest degree of academic performance and pride themselves on their communication and teaching skills.

Triple A tutoring is founded upon the belief that every student should have the opportunity to excel and thus we provide a tailored and all-encompassing tutoring approach to ensure success for students in the HSC and life after that.

Following our motto: Accentuate. Accelerate. Achieve. Rather than focusing on dull rote learning techniques advocated by other tutoring companies, our expert tutors are well versed in a variety of different teaching methods and practices in order to accentuates your child’s knowledge and address any existing weaknesses they may have. Once this has been accomplished, our tutors will then accelerate their learning in order to get ahead of their peers at school. Such an approach allows our tutors to work with your children on skills which may have been neglected such as in-exam techniques and exam preparation tactics. Thus in doing so, our tutors will help your child achieve their dream mark in their exams and ultimately assist them into getting into their chosen course.

In addition to standard tutoring services, Triple A tutoring provides additional assistance in regards to interview and resume writing skills that are necessary in tackling the increasingly competitive applications for university scholarships and internships. This is provided as a complementary service to any Triple A student should they require it.

Furthermore, at Triple A we believe that communication between the parent, child and the tutor is incredibly important to ensuring the child’s success. Thus within our tutoring service we emphasis the communication and sharing of information from the tutor to the parent every 6 weeks. This allows the parent to be up to date and assured of their student’s progress and journey to success.

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Every tutor at triple A Tutoring has multiple years of experience and have achieved incredibly well in the HSC.

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