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Oatley, NSW

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IB score of 45, ATAR 99.95. Dux of IB year 11 and 12.

I am a former Trinity Grammar IB student who is tutoring a range of subjects (English HL, Psychology HL, Economics HL, Biology SL, Mathematics Studies SL, and French SL).

I know exactly what the IB wants, having achieved a 7 in all my subjects by over 10% for each boundary (except for french where I was only 6% above the 7 boundary).

My subject grades were
English HL (91) - 12 above the 7 boundary of 79 (30/30 for IOC and IOP)
Psychology HL (81), 13 above the 7 boundary of 68
Economics HL (94), 13 above the 7 boundary of 81 ( and 45/45 in my economics IA).
Biology SL (92), 10 above the 7 boundary of 82
Mathematics studies SL (89), 10 above the 7 boundary of 79
French SL (95), 6 above the boundary of 89

A in English EE
A in ToK

My teaching method ensures that all my students receive a thorough understanding of the syllabus, and improve their exam technique so that they know exactly what to write in each exam. Moreover, I have access to all past papers for each of the IB subjects and marked scripts which are useful in improving my students' understanding of the requirements to receive a band 7.


I have previous experience tutoring students doing the IB, acting as both a one on one tutor as well as a general IB mentor. My students are able to e-mail me IA's, questions or any of their problems with studying at any time, and I am able to provide immediate feedback.



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less than 1 year

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I charge $50 if students come in a group of 2 or more.



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Mathematical Methods



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One-on-One Tutoring
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Oatley, NSW



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20 Dec 2015 5:54 PM

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