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People Skills

The People Skills Foundation Stream gives our students the necessary interpersonal tools integrate into society and the workplace. They receive cultural coaching and etiquette training. They will also learn how to interact well with others, demonstrating appropriate body language and gaining a true understanding of what the term “team work” really means. Topics like negotiation skills and conflict resolution will be reviewed, as well as the basic tenants of human psychology. As we progress towards the end of the stream, we teach students how to prepare themselves for job applications and interviews. We will also cover the fundamentals of personal image and appearance and why they are important.

Some topics in our People Skills Foundation Stream include:
•Etiquette & body language
•Emotional intelligence
•Learning how to Learn
•Conflict resolution & negotiation skills
•Critical & Creative Thinking
•Time & Project Management
•How to uncover & leverage their virtues
•Working with teams & leadership skills
•Cultures of the world
•Presentation & self-image skills
•Business and resume/CV writing
•Interview Techniques

Digital Skills

The world is becoming more and more digitally connected, with new digital innovations every week. The EdX Academy wants our students to be well-equipped to embrace this fast-changing environment through our Digital Skills Foundation Stream.

We believe our students must have a solid foundation in digital skills to not just be ahead of the game, but to also have vision. Some of the lower level skills we teach include Internet safety and social networking. We also teach the basic skills needed in a digital office environment including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In addition to these fundamental tools, we offer some of the most interesting training programs kids can find, including building websites, digital games, digital software applications, mobile apps, and even programming robots and drones.

Some topics in our Digital Skills ion Stream include:
•Computer, operating systems & networks
•Safe internet skills
•Social Media & e-Commerce
•Business software applications
•Software programming and database concepts
•Websites, mobile apps, and digital games development
•Robotics & Drones

Design Skills

Most successful businesses recognise the power and financial value of good design. Take Apple, for example. They have been a design and innovation leader for decades, and their business ranking shows it. Just recently, Apple was named The Most Valuable Company of All Time. Whether you like or use their products yourself is secondary. What is important is to distinguish how they so astutely let design lead their business strategy. From the industrial design of their physical products, to the simple branding messages they convey in their marketing and graphics, to the clean iOS interfaces they continue to develop — Apple is a prime example of why good design is so important in today’s marketplace.

For this reason the EdX Academy has incorporated a strong Design Skills Foundation Stream into the curriculum. Students will not only learn basic skills on how to use the Adobe Creative Suite software programs, but they will also get to work on fun projects like Create your Own Font and Design your own Movie Poster or Book Cover. Beyond this, students will also learn design fundamentals and how they are related to branding and business innovation. They will gain an understanding of the design process, and how to effectively use design thinking in applications outside the creative industry. We also have a program focusing on 3D Printing in combination with 3D Modelling. Exposing our students to the latest in 3D Technology is not only industry relevant but is an exciting subject for students to explore.

Some topics in our Design Skills Foundation Stream include:
•Adobe creative suite software fundamentals
•Design fundamentals & exploration
•Text, image & typographic systems
•Colour theory, composition & form
•Information visualisation / infographics
•User experience, interface & interaction
•Design brochure, logos, greeting cards, packaging
•Digital photography, videography & cinematography
•3D design, modelling & printing

Business Skills

Whether students move on to study medicine or any other non-business related degree, the understanding of business concepts is essential for them to adequately prepare themselves for their future. Our Business Skills Foundation Stream focuses on why certain businesses exist, how they promote their products and services, how they finance their businesses and how they continue to survive in this ever-changing and competitive world. Even in a hospital environment, doctors are required to understand the business and legal framework within which the hospital operates. Engineers are expected to design a solution that is cost effective for the business – not just about building the coolest gadget.

Some topics in our Business Skills Foundation Stream include:
•Financial concepts & planning
•Business models & how they operate
•Fundamentals in commerce
•Marketing fundamentals
•Strategic thinking and lean business practices
•Writing Business Case



Our trainers are highly experience professionals in the field. They are not students teaching other students, unlike in some of the other coaching schools. Our trainers are highly rewarded and indirectly they are potentially the largest shareholders in EdX Academy. You will find professional with typical 10+ years of experience in their field. We have trainer who came from Harvard Business School, AGSM, worked in large companies like Microsoft, CSC, or top Agencies and working for brands like Nike, Samsung, McDonalds, VW, and more. Some trainers have been lecturers themselves at University of New South Wales, University of Technology Sydney, and Australian Graduate School of Management.


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The EdX Academy was founded by professional parents who witnessed major gaps in their own children’s curriculum. Our trainers are also active professionals with a real passion for sharing their eXpertise and eXperience with their students.
•The EdX Academy teaches independent curriculum from current school subjects.
•We are not a coaching or after school tutoring program.

Our vision
•To see students achieve the best in life professionally
•For students to become well-rounded, successful individuals.

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