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James Ray

Hurlstone Park, NSW


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James finished studying renewable energy engineering at UNSW in November 2014.

James likes relaxing by meditation; exercise; recreation; service; and study of good thoughts.

My websites are, and I am also on LinkedIn at

I go to a place in Surry Hills near Central Station every Thursday night from around 6 pm till 8:30, Friday from 6-9 pm, and Sunday from 8 am till 12 pm.

I have a working with children check.

My ABN is 90057917114.

Please confirm that you have read my profile if you contact me, to save myself explaining my availability and other details if necessary.

Are you studying and looking to excel? Do you need someone to help you to excel? Do you know someone who is in this situation? $5 will be given for each successful referral. If you are studying any of the subjects that I can tutor then feel free to contact me to discuss if I can help you.

Subjects that I can tutor include:
- All subjects up to year 10 in public schools, with the exceptions of all but three year 9-10 electives, which are commerce, human movement, and industrial technology (metalwork). The language course in year 7-8 that I can tutor is Japanese.
- English (up to HSC Advanced);
- Mathematics (up to HSC Extension 2 and also first year of university calculus and algebra; and second year numerical methods and statistics);
- Physics (HSC and first year of university);
- Chemistry (HSC and a first year university course at UNSW--MATS1101);
- Essay writing
- Study skills e.g. revising, making summaries, highlighting, making a study timetable; organisation of study space; study techniques; tips on how to maintain a balanced life;
- Exam techniques, e.g. time management; and answering questions;
- HSC Engineering Studies;

University subjects that I can tutor include:
- Calculus and Algebra (first year university)
- Numerical Methods and Statistics
- Maple
- Excel
- Microsoft Access
- Most of the courses in renewable energy engineering at UNSW.

Each student may bring his or her own materials that he or she would like to go over (e.g. assessments, class notes and textbooks) otherwise I will prepare work. I like to help students learn to study autonomously.

Tutors are a great resource however it also important to try to get the help of teachers. During my HSC, my English teacher helped me by giving me tasks for essays, creative writing and responding to texts, and then providing feedback once I had done them. This process was iterative as I would then respond to the feedback, ask for more feedback, and so on. Of course, I can also help with the same role.

For English I can help with all aspects including essay writing, grammar, spelling, handwriting, creative writing and responding to texts. I got a mark of 89 in English Advanced in the HSC. For essay writing, things I can help with include structure, style, answering the question originally and insightfully, developing key ideas, themes, theses; and using techniques and examples. With creative writing ways that I may assist include character development, use of techniques, plot and engaging the audience.

I am not yet familiar with the most recent area of study on discovery so I would have to look into this if students are seeking assistance. However I can help with developing mind maps of context, values and other areas.

I can also help with analysing the Board of Studies rubric and assessment criteria and developing skeleton responses/paragraphs that correspond well with such criteria.
For mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering studies (and other subjects) I can assist students to write and revise their own summaries, and with marking and providing feedback with past papers and other problem solving.
I can also help with writing reports and resumes/CVs.

Bachelor of Engineering (Renewable Energy) at the University of New South Wales, 2011 -
Higher School Certificate, ATAR 95.45, subjects:
+ English (Advanced) (HSC mark of 89)
+ Mathematics Extension 1 (88)
+ Mathematics Extension 2 (81)
+ Physics (86)
+ Chemistry (85)
+ Engineering Studies (84)
+ Mathematics (only 10 units of study are given marks, so I did not have to sit an exam for Mathematics)

If you want to learn a language, then I suggest that you try using Duolingo, which is free, and is the most highly effective way of learning a language that I know of.

Another online resource that is useful is HSC Charles Sturt University resources. See here: I highly recommend looking online for suitable resources to help learn.

I can help with learning the piano and similar key musical instruments. I have AMEB level 3 certification, so can only help up to this level.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch with me.


I have tutored several students in English, maths, physics, chemistry and academic skills since July 2013. I was also a tutor for the Shack Tutoring Program at UNSW in 2012, where I helped a student with year 7 English for a semester.


Bachelor of Engineering (Renewable Energy) at the University of New South Wales, 2011 - 2014.
Higher School Certificate, ATAR 95.45
HSC marks:
- English Advanced (89)
- Mathematics Extension 1 (88)
- Physics (86)
- Chemistry (85)
- Engineering Studies (84)
- Mathematics Extension 2 (81)

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Charges may vary according to travel time, experience, and demand.

I may offer discounts for:
- People experiencing financial difficulty. Proof is required, e.g. a Centrelink card.
- Bulk lessons, e.g. 10 lessons instead of 1
- Group lessons
- Online or over-the-phone lessons



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