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Miss Olivia Oliver-Hopkins, BA (Hons I)

Sydney, NSW


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IMPORTANT: I DO NOT write essays for students, especially at a university level - that's not tutoring, it's plagiarism and could get you kicked out of your university and me kicked out of mine. Please reconsider your decision if you're looking for someone to write an essay for you!

I am a PhD student at the University of Sydney who has been tutoring for over five years now with proven results, including Honour Roll students - references available. I am a relaxed, friendly and professional tutor who tries to bring a sense of humour to class! I believe in a holistic approach to tutoring including working on exam technique and revision and essay-writing skills, but am definitely NOT going to try to turn you into an HSC machine - I believe that the best results (and the happiest students!) come from a healthy balance of rest and social and extra-curricular activities as well as study and solid understanding of the set material. That said, I make sure that I teach with continual reference to the syllabus and provide advice on study habits in my lessons, and will give you homework - but I do understand if there are some weeks that you just can't do it because you have too much work on, and that my subject/s can't always be your first priority. (Although, you do need to realise that there is only so much I can do if you don't put the work in.)

I am currently only available on Mondays from 4-5pm and every second Tuesday from 5:30-7:30pm, but I am more than happy to put you on my waiting list and notify you when new slots become available :)


*Art of Smart - student mentor, 2010
*Freelance tutor, 2010-present
*Hale & Fun - course designer, lecturer and tutor, 2011-present
*Talent100 - English tutor, 2012; UMAT question writer, 2012-present
*United States Studies Centre, University of Sydney - tutor for AMST1001: Global America, Semester 2 2013 and 2014.


*Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) in English from the University of Sydney; Distinction average across all units
*Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society for the top 15% of uni students worldwide
*PhD candidate, University of Sydney

I graduated from Sydney Girls High School, an academically selective school where I was frequently placed second overall in my year group, in 2007.

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Hourly rate - minimum one hour booking. Includes FREE travel within half an hour's drive of Campsie, each way. If you are located outside of this range, I am more than happy to meet at a library within it or alternatively we can do Skype lessons.



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Art and Graphics
Business Studies
Business Management
Essay Writing
Legal Studies
Studies of Religion
Theatre Studies
Visual Arts



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Sydney, NSW




0424 459 224

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5 Jun 2016 6:20 PM

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