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Castle Hill, NSW


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I am an experienced tutor working for several years as both an independent tutor, company tutor and teachers aide. I specialise in all levels of English and Hsitory.

I am capable of tutoring Years K-12.

I am highly experienced at offering general assistance, simple one hour sessions designed to help the student with homework or assignments, regardless of age or the subject that help is needed with.

I am also an experienced writer, public speaker and debater. I offer sessions that focus on speech development and delivery, essay and creative writing. These are valuable and necessary skills in both life and for exams and can even add a degree of confidence to the student.


I have worked for several years as a tutor, working for a variety of tutoring companies. I have experience with students from K-12, teaching students to read and write, offering general assistance as a Teachers Aide and even working with year 12 students to ensure success in their HSC. My experience allows me to work seamlessly with any student no matter what help they need, even if it is not what I have necessarily been hired for as any tutor should be prepared to cater to the needs of the student. I currently work independently and as such am capable of flexible times to accommodate many students and their parents need which may vary on a weekly basis.

I offer HSC Revision lessons throughout September, October and early November. These lessons are available in the holiday, exam and Stuvac period to cover the course and ensure the student has correct preparation and an understanding of the course.

Any inquiries into qualifications/experience are welcomed.

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$40 per Session (1 hour)

Book 2 sessions for $70
Book 4 sessions for $130

Book an exam study/revision session for $50 (2 hours)

*Group sessions available, great for revision. Inquire via text for a quote on price.

Deals available depending on student age, demand and needs. Places are limited.



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Art and Graphics
Essay Writing

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