Dr Paul Goodall (Ph.D, Oxford)

Manly, NSW

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>> About me:

I am a patient and friendly tutor. I have a flare for spotting the problems that people face when learning new topics, and a knack for breaking material down into manageable pieces to accelerate learning. The key to successful tutoring is to identify the student`s strengths and weaknesses and style of learning. This allows us to put a plan together for the most productive learning, and most effective use of time.

Independent learning (self-teaching) is something that I became very good at from an early age, and I`d like to pass on some of the techniques I`ve gained through many years of hard work.

I graduated top of my class at Leeds University in 2006, where I studied Physics and Astrophysics to Masters degree level. I then won a scholarship to study for my PhD in Astrophysics at Oxford University, graduating with distinction in 2010. Following my PhD, I was a researcher at Oxford University for 1 year. I am now taking some time-out before pursuing the next phase of my career.

>> Approach to teaching:

Everyone is unique in their preferred way of learning, and I take great care to find out what works for the individual.

I believe that learning should be fun. Many teachers only teach pupils how to pass exams, I believe that the most important things is to give my pupils a clear understanding of the reason why what they are learning is important, with relevant contextual examples. This gives learning a purpose, and is the key to knowledge sticking. A great level of satisfaction comes from learning new things in this fashion.

As above, I believe that making learning fun and interesting is the most effective method, which is especially good for those who need a little confidence boost, particularly in Maths and Physics. Lack of confidence usually comes down to the student being unsure of the basics, which can leave a student feeling lost when it comes to tackling more advanced material. This is easily remedied with a little moral support, and by finding new ways to explain and reaffirm the basics before progressing to harder material.

I also have experience teaching those who have lost interest in their current curriculum because they find it too easy (this can often happen to bright schoolchildren/pupils). The remedy for this is to engage the student in their work by pushing their knowledge boundaries and asking for their thoughts on related "Off-Piste" issues.


I have a track record of helping students with "average" predicted grades to achieve way above average / top grades in their final exams.

I have several years experience privately teaching a wide variety of ages and difficulty levels across Maths, Science and Computing, with children of all ages, right up to adult learners and University degree level.

I have taught intensive revision masterclasses at Secondary school level in Maths and general Science (ages 10-18).
I have 4-years experience teaching 16-18 year old students Maths and Physics on a one-2-one basis.
I have 2-years experience teaching advanced University Maths and Physics (particularly Mechanics, Relativity and Electronics).


Masters Degree in Physics & Astrophysics at University of Leeds 2002-2006

Ph.D (D.Phil) in Astrophysics at University of Oxford 2006-2010

Post-Doctorate Research at University of Oxford 2010-2012

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Hourly Rate Specifics

I’m currently offering a promotional discount rate of $75/hr for tuition requests within the next month.

This flat fee is per hour of tuition, assuming a 2-hours lesson. Tuition at the student’s home may be subject to additional travel expenses, to be discussed directly with the client. 1-hours lessons are also possible by request, however 2-hour lessons are recommended as a more effective use of time for both tutor and tutee (one 2hr session per week is more productive than 2 x 1hr sessions per week).

I am confident that my clients will be more than satisfied with the tuition I provide. If you are not satisfied (within reason!), I am happy to refund the fee for the 1st lesson (excluding travel expenses).



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Manly, NSW




Email me: my.oxford.tutor@gmail.com



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