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Castle Hill, NSW

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Hi! I'm a university student offering highschool mathematics and english (creative writing and essay writing) tuition in Castle Hill

Mathematics tuition, and all tuition, I believe, should be orientated around the students needs. This means that the most important thing for me is making sure the student understands the concepts that they struggle with, before teaching them new content. Students come in, and for the first few weeks, we work on the topic areas they struggle with the most, and once I feel they are proficient at them (after giving them a test), I'll begin to teach them ahead of what they are learning in school from the syllabus, using questions from textbooks such as Fitzpatrick, and giving them lots of practise for exam style questions. I can tutor students from year 7-12 (Ext. 1) - but may be able to help with some 4 unit mathematics as I am learning these subject areas in university.

Again, the need of the students are priority. If they struggle with something in particular, that will be addressed until they become more proficient. English tutoring mainly consists of me giving them work to complete, and me marking it and giving them feedback - practise is the key to success. I can tutor year 7-12 English


I've been tutoring Junior and Senior highschool students over the past year, as 2011 was my first year in University


I'm a secondary education student studying a double maths major in the Univeristy of Sydney, which means that I will be able to apply the teaching methods and pedagogies I have learned in uni to my students, which will hopefully help them to improve.

I attended the selective high school Baulkham Hills and completed the HSC in 2010, achieving band 6s in all the subjects I am offering to tutor.

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